A short story about Glass Pumpkin
Our journey began back in 1985 when two chubby bouncing hopeless romantics were born into a world that frankly needed a couple more dreamers. Our love of video had humble roots as the first movies we made were on a £30 digital camera and edited on a 1997 version of windows movie maker as we, as 22 year olds, travelled together around Asia and Australia (did we mention we're also the best of friends??).  

Glass Pumpkin got started when Yanxia, having spent 7 years working in the filmmaking business, took the plunge and with the help of Laura, started her dream of doing what she loved, making films, working for herself and looking after Norman her working cocker spaniel.

To us this is the best job in the world and our passion for making individual and beautiful videos shows in every film we make.